Food & Wine SPRINGS Eternal @ Grand Isle Lake House  with  Donald McDonald of Farrell Distributing

Poema Extra Dry Cava

Ch.  Moncontour Jovly Vouvray

Ramp Crostini with VBC’s Goat’s Milk Feta & Honeyed Truffle Oil

Gemtree Tadpole Chardonnay~Viognier

Yellow Curried Pork Loin over Macadamia & Lavender Rice

Illuminati Campirosa

Shrimp & Crispy Prosciutto over Greens with Strawberry Rosé Vinaigrette

Michael & David Petite Petit

Naked Earth Vin Rouge

Lamb Pasta Bolognese with Grilled Mushrooms

Windmill Zinfandel

Chocolate Torte with Zinfandel Sauce & Toasted Almonds

Reservations Required, Please Call 372.5024

~$65 Per Guest~