In addition to the 25 – 30 Vermont Weddings and numerous non-profit retreats here at the Grand Isle Lake House, we always host at least two wine tasting dinners for the public; usually one in May and another in October.  

The kitchen team (Russ, Phil & myself) always enjoys preparing these dinners as we are completely free to develop our own creations outside the bounds of a predetermined menu.  This free reign gives us fabulous opportunities to both call up old favorites and to try new preparations…constantly expanding our reportoire of options for our individually custom designed wedding menus!

Approximately 55 guests from the Champlain Islands community joined us for a 5 course meal paired with wines from Argentina & Chile.   We had lots of familar faces that are loyal wine dinner attendees as well as some new folks that we hope will be returning in the future.   Both the wines and menu (listed below) were met with rave reviews! 

We have not yet planned our next dinner, other than anticipating sometime in October, so we would love to hear any suggestions for themes that potential guests might be interested in!  We would also be happy to add you to our mailing list if you would like to be informed of future public events.  Just send me an email:  Sheryl Eddy

Santa Rita Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

Shrimp with Salsa Chilena


Pannotia Torrontes

Green Apples, Honey Toasted Pepitas & Lakes End Chevre over Baby Greens


Root: 1 Chardonnay

Sea Bass in Parsley Broth with Hazelnuts


Don Miguel Gascon Argentina Malbec

Montgras Carmenere Reserva

Grilled Lamb with Mint Salsa Verde

Sweet Potato Polenta


Santa Rita Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon

Fresh Fruit & Gore~Dawn~Zola

Dried Cherry & Chile Brownies