We are officially open for business and one of our first projects to tackle is the planting of our gardens.  Bev Watson and I undertake this job together and have made our first pilgrimage to the nursery in Quebec, just minutes away from the border crossing at Rousses Point, New York.  We like to start with an idea of the colors and types of plants we are looking for, but we inevitably get distracted by all the beautiful new plants we find every year. 

The pots on the porch are planted and we are loving the color combinations we decided to try.  It is amazing how full and lush they become after having been planted for only a few weeks.  We think the pinks and whites in the pots by the new stairs leading down to the ceremony site will look particularly beautiful in wedding photographs. 

Our next project will be to plant the beds next to the stairs, as well as the vegetable garden.  Russell has been watching over the plants he started by seed this winter and will soon plant the giant pumpkins, sweet peas, cosmos and sunflowers in the round garden. 

We hope the bunnies will have mercy on our tender new plants and allow them to flourish.  The weather at this time of year can sometimes take a toll as well, with the winds off Lake Champlain gusting as they are today.  We wouldn’t change a thing though, we are as happy as can be here in our little slice of heaven!